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The Army Painter: Precise Detail Brush (TAPBR7001)

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FINE DETAILING, ROUGH WORK, OR DRY BRUSHING - Larger acrylic paint brushes with more bristles carry too much water for you to control and tend to flare out into wider lines. This Toray hobby brush is very fine and the bristles keep a nice point for accurate application on small, detailed models and miniatures DAY TO DAY BRUSH WITHOUT DROPPING MORE CASH - This fine detail brush makes a great kickstarter mini brush for the day to day rough work and dry brushing. Definitely more reasonably priced than most acrylic paint brushes but uses a higher quality Toray hair compared to other synthetic paintbrushes STANDS UP TO YOUR WEAR AND TEAR - Won't fall apart or shed; easy to clean. Remains soft and retains its shape especially if you rinse the bristles and ferrule before reloading more paint. Prevent dried paint from stiffening your brush by removing paint where ferrule meets the bristles New (2) from $5.86 & FREE Shipping