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  • BG: Animal Upon Animal: Xmas Stack (HAB305732)


    BG: Animal Upon Animal: Xmas Stack (HAB305732)


    The animals are climbing all over each other to form an ever-taller Christmas pyramid. But which one will make it to the top? The players decide by carefully balancing squirrels, snow bunnies, penguins and reindeer on stars, fir trees, sleds, and even on...

  • BG: Concept: Kids Animals (ASMCONC02)

    BG: Concept: Kids Animals (ASMCONC02)


    Concept Kids Animals is a cooperative version of the game Concept, adapted for children who dont yet know how to read. In turn, the children attempt to make the others guess an animal by playing pawns on the illustrated icons on the game board. Through...

  • BG: Monsieur Carrousel (IEL51572)

    BG: Monsieur Carrousel (IEL51572)


    Cooperate with your friends to help the kids boardingthe wonderful merry-go-round of Monsieur Carrousel!Place them into the carousel according to the color ofyour die, and let them enjoy a spin!Will all the children have the chance to gofor a spin before...

  • BG: My First Carcassonne (ZMG ZM7860)

    BG: My First Carcassonne (ZMG ZM7860)


    The streets of Carcassonne are filled with kids who are trying to catch the animals set loose for the festival. The city has never been so alive! This version of the modern classic, Carcassonne, has been adapted to allow players of all ages to play...

  • BG: SOS Dino (IEL51474)

    BG: SOS Dino (IEL51474)


    Use all your teamplayer skills to save the cute littledinos from the lava and the meteorites!Will you move them forward in the right directions tojoin the top of the mountains soon enough?Good luck!Contents:• 1 Game board• 4 Dinosaur...

  • BG: The Color Monster (DEVTCM)

    BG: The Color Monster (DEVTCM)


    The monster is confused. He doesn’t understand his feelings. Luckily, his friend, a little girl, can teach himhow to sort out how he feels! This is a children‘s game in which the players find colors that represent differentfeelings (calm,...